Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Surrender

My body could not withstand the virus within. Therefore, I surrender. After days of fighting it with spirulina and other supplements, finally it gave in to the virus. Just because I took too much coffee I think, also, partly due to the weather. Darn.. hopefully I don't have my nose blocked when sleeping tonight. I hate it when that happens. So all ye people..drinks lots of water ya. Weather is abit "cuckoo" nowadays.

Alright, just before I sign off, there's something I'd like to share. It happened last Saturday, when I was going out with my son.

QQ : Mama, how come your car does not have that wooo... sound?

Me : What do you mean? Wooo??

QQ : Neh... wooo like papa's car.

Me : Oo...( I think he meant the sport exhaust sound. Kids...) No bor.. mama din install sport exhaust bor..

QQ : Why u din install leh?

Me : Coz I din have money to buy lor...

QQ : Y u dun have money leh?

Me : ..... ????

Erm.. how to explain to the kids? They will keep asking till you don't know how to answer them..well, I'm just telling him in a simple way.. but it seems he's not so satisfied with the answer..grrr....

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