Monday, October 01, 2007


Last weekend,me looking for inspiration to revamp/re-deco my house so.. went to do some surveying hehehe...And here's what I've found.. very breath taking.. and impressive. Wilton Crescent.. at Jln Stampin Tengah. I'm drooling all the way already :P

Love the exterior design of the house. The combination of colours is just perfect. It's a shame I can't take photos of the interior. Outside is already.. wow...I like the windows. It has a courtyard inside the house. For semi-Ds, the courtyard is link inside and outside. Inside it's covered with glass and fishes can be seen swimming. Really a relaxing view. I was unable to take photos of that. I love the design that it has an attic room right at the top just like the ang mo's house. The attic has laminated flooring.

This is the double storey terrace corner house. A show house. I like what they did with the terrace. The car porch tiles are really nice. Not like the conventional type of design.

That's the double storey semi-D on the left side of the photo.The semi-D is really spacious.

Side view of the double storey terrace corner.

The terrace of the double storey terrace corner house.

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