Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Hell Of An Experience

It happened about a month ago when I was in KL. Still vivid in my mind.

I was having a great time. After breakfast at Genting, we proceed to KL. It was a long journey. Riding in cable car,taking a bus down to KL Sentral and then walk opposite KL Sentral to the monorail station and ride to Bukit Bintang station. I didn't notice anything different about QQ. He slept in the bus on the way down to KL. RayMan and I had to take turns carrying him with our luggage and all. It was a tiring job. Luggages are heavy.

Finally we boarded the monorail to Bukit Bintang. I can't wait to rest at the hotel. Very tired with carrying the luggages and QQ. In the monorail...my nightmare begins.

QQ : Mama... my stomach painful...(started crying) feel like ek ek..(vomitting)

Me : Wait awhile.. we almost reach the hotel

I tried comforting QQ by rubbing his stomach. Suddenly, he vomited in the monorail.. I was shocked. I looked for tissue. My tissue ran out. SHit! A girl who sat beside me offered her pack of tissue. A guy offered his unread newspaper to cover up the mess. My heart felt warm that there are still Malaysians that care. I've never been so glad. TQ!TQ! I found a plastic bag..just in case there's another round of vomitting. OMG! What's happening! QQ complained he need to go to the toilet. Once we reach Bukit Bintang station, RayMan rushed QQ to Sg Wang Plaza toilet. I waited quite long for them. We proceed to look for hotel after that.. I saw QQ's face really pale. I was really worried. This is my first time bringing him along for a vacation and this have to happen. I really feel sorry for him.

After we checked in the hotel, QQ vomitted again. Oh god! What's wrong with him. Then, it's my turn. I vomited everything I consumed in the morning till my stomach is "clean". I can't even drink water. Same applies to QQ. It's output all the way.

RayMan : Better go see doctor.

We went to the nearest doctor in Bukit Bintang area. I sank down the sofa while waiting for RayMan to register with the clinic.

RayMan : Is this GP?
Clinic Assistant : Yes.

Thinking GP clinic won't usually charge much, so wokay. The doctor diagnose both of us of having food poisoning.

Doctor : Your blood pressure is really low.

I feel very weak can't even talk much. The doctor gave me a drip and some med. Doctor keep assuring me that everything will be all right and not to worry. Half way through I need to go to toilet to output again so I didn't finish the drip. Gosh! In and out of the toilet. RayMan really looked worried. Luckily he's ok. At least he can take care of me and QQ.

Well, then comes the medical bill. It's a whooping RM600. OMG! Shock of our lives. NEVER in my life have I seen such a large amount charged for treating food poisoning. First thing I thought, all my budget for shopping gone. Can I claim for it? I know some Personal Accident insurance have coverage for food poisoning but I didn't buy it.

SHIT! RayMan started to make some calls. Worse comes to worse we would have to foot the bill ourselves. I keep assuring myself as long as I'm well again.. money isn't everything. Who would have thought that the charges are so huge. No use arguing with the clinic as treatment had been done and QQ and I were definitely feeling better after that. Suey lor.. Now I know why the clinic accepts credit card payment. Coz they freaking charge you.

QQ and I stayed in bed the whole night watching TV and drinking lots of water & fruit juice. I didn't eat anything. The next day, we feel better. Started to do some shopping. Phew! Luckily I recover quickly. I had to becareful not to exhaust myself and QQ. The trip turns out OK in the end.

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