Monday, August 27, 2007

Intoxicated by Latte

Felt that I was "overhelmed" with work for past week. Iveon was feeling the same. Both of us long for a latte and some chit chats. After lunch...we went to Bing! for latte. Wah.. this is the first time I was feeling "intoxicated" by drinking latte. But the looks of the latte.. can already make u wah... when I took my first sip.. I felt I was sinking deeper and deeper into the chair... a feeling I can't describe...let u guys judge..

After we ordered latte, the waiter kept tempting us with cakes... Iveon couldn't resist the tiramisu on display so we just had to take a bite.

The tiramisu is not so cheesy as I expected...instead inside is layers of sponge cake.. although it tasted nice.. but RM9 for that small piece is kinda pricey. But I love the choc cream combination with the tiramisu. After we had enough of lattes and tiramisu.. went back to work..

While I was walking towards the carpark area, I was feeling a little blur and forgot where I parked my car.
I saw a white Ipsum parked next to mine.. There's an expression on the driver's face that triggered my instinct. True enough.. I saw there's a white mark on my door. A mark that can only mean that someone open the car door too wide that it left a mark on my car door. It's really obvious as my car is black. That time I don't know how to react. It seems the latte has gotten to me. I starred at the mark and then stare at the Ipsum making its move to leave the carpark. Thinking the mark was not so serious as there's no dent. I tried to rub it off using my fingers. It doesn't help. I was late for a meeting so I had to leave it be till time to go home. Phew! With the help of car polish it's off and my car is as glossy as ever :D

It's a sad thing that some people did something wrong and they had a guilty look on their face. Still not saying at least " kid opened the door too wide.. and left a mark on your car.." NO. Just drive away and pretend nothing ever happen. Sigh!

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