Monday, July 02, 2007

Home Deco - DIY

RayMan & I decided to take matters into our own hands. First, we bought two home deco mags for reference. Doing more researching online and furniture shop "hopping".

Went to MOSS and found a coffee table that suits my living room theme. Previously after the house project my $ is exhausted so had to make do with whatever I can afford at the moment. Don't wanna burden myself with too much debts. Well, perfect timing as the MOSS is having stock clearance at the moment. It's really worth buying as the coffee table originally costs RM1450 & now it's offered at RM450.. * ahem * Will posts pics once the coffee table is delivered to my home sweet home

I think this all started when I "fell in luv" with the landscape deco when I went to HSBC the other day. Naughty QQ picked up one of the stones and put it in the miniature pond (I'm not sure what the thing is called). I was stunned by his actions.. can't help laughing as well. The cameras at the ATM area captured the whole scene I presumed. I don't know why he did that. Sudden urge?

My creativity counterparts have been "bothering" me but I had to keep it bottled up somewhere as I don't have time for it at the moment. Sigh! QQ is draining alot of my energy as he's quite demanding nowadays. I wanted to start my crochet - explore amigurumi. Some toy crafting I found over the net. Interesting toys. I've a passion for kawaii stuff muahahahhaa... probably thru crochet I can combine crochet + hand-sew bags? It's an idea that have been toying in my mind. RayMan is going outstation soon so I can't put my ideas to work yet as I have to help him prepare & pack his stuff. I'm gonna miss him when he goes KL for 1 week. Have to handle QQ all by myself then :(

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