Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The X Credit Card Salesman

I do not wanna reveal the real identity of this X credit card. For those of you who can guess it.. well.. you will know.

As usual.. went to pay Celcom bill at the newly implemented, sophisticated Celcom Kiosk.This is not my first time using the machine.. well.. when I went in there was a lady there talking with a guy.. I saw a working desk there.. OMG.. it's the X credit card sales person again. Still standing there trying to persuade the lady to sign up.. I went in and use the kiosk.

I wanna do this fast so that I can "escape" from this X credit card sales person's sales talk. But, alas.. the lady left and I was left alone with the guy in the Kiosk area. Damn! He was standing behind me when I was doing my transaction (which I don't like). Makes me feel uneasy.. I think he's monitoring me from a far.. then I paid using my credit card and well..

Salesperson : Press OK, Miss. (Trying to be helpful, yea right)

Me : Er.. thanks.

Salesperson : Miss, would you like to apply for X credit card? blah blah blah.. there goes the sales talk.

He waited for me to finish my transaction and started his sales.. well.. I'm NOT interested. NOT interested. I've been "targeted" alot of times already especially when I go pay Celcom bills... BUT I'M NOT INTERESTED TO SIGN UP OK!

Me : Sorry.. I'm not interested. Quickly let my self out from that place.

What's with those salesperson? Don't they know that they are indirectly "terrorising" Celcom's customers? They can be persistent at times. Hopefully I won't get to meet them again.

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