Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Wing" It

After the heavy down pour last Sunday afternoon, RayMan,Steve and I decided to drop off some stuff at the Salvation army.

Steve : light! red light! (referring to traffic light before the 3rd mile causeway)

RayMan step on the brakes just slightly harder than usual (he's driving his uncle's lorry). Suddenly, I felt the lorry swing uncontrollably. I can still hear RayMan said "Eh?? How come?" I was kinda blur already... I felt like I was in a merry-go-round. Deep in my heart, I prayed the lorry won't turn turtle... The lorry came to a halt after a 180 degrees turn. We were looking directly at the people in the car behind us. They looked at us in shock. RayMan made a U turn and we went on our way.. Phew! That was close. Luckily there wasn't any car or motorcycle near us at the time of the "drift". I couldn't imagine the damage then. Everyone is safe and sound. Thank God!

RayMan : Hey.. we drift in a lorry (trying to make a joke out of it)

The effect of the "drift" came to me when I went to bed that nite. Made me all dizzy and nausea. I had to force myself to sleep.

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