Monday, November 06, 2006

Previous Highlites

Too bz to update my blog.

Happenings :-

House painting in progress...lots of junk to throw.

Checking out the locks and doors for the house. Imported doors cheaper than local made ones.. weird.. quality wise.. better too. If custom made, it will crack as the wood is not totally dry when it's being made.

Well, there's call from Gem.Hehe... she's coming back for short visit. Supposed to be a surprise..but I blew the surprise (sorry about that) .. too blur and not really getting what she said over the phone as my mind drifting elsewhere. Too excited kua.. hehe

Then there's belly dance class.. I'm gonna miss it very much. This Saturday will be the last. There will be some holiday classes. I'm thinking of joining :P. Hopefully it's they gonna teach the Shakira song

Should I perm my hair? Very tempted. Will I look nice with permed hair? I've never perm before. I'm trying to picture myself having permed hair. I heard it requires alot of "maintenance". If I perm my hair, will I look more mature? Or cute? I love Kate's hair (LOST series). I'm tired of my hairstyle right now. Want abit of change.

Last week, heard alot of thefts. Mostly happen to my friends. So sien... car window's smashed and the player ripped from the dashboard. It happened to my neighbour as well. The car is parked right opposite my house.. duh..
Another friend's car window been tampered with.. and the cd player ripped from his car at 100% Store parking lot. Another one, lost his sling bag when he visited someone at Timberland Medical Centre. He parked his car behind the building. Dangerous zone. I feel so unsafe when I go out now. Need to be extra careful with my handbag, handphone, etc. Even when driving, I lock the car doors. I'm wondering why those people keep doing their "thing" as if there's no tomorrow and no one cares about it. Even when the victims lodge a police report, they need to wait for quite a long time. And after they make the report, it's just for the sake of making report. Hello? Where's the action? Grrrrr.. so geram.


Pink Cotton said...

hullo..found out abt ur blog from mamadiary ^_^

hee..i was contemplating on the same thing same time last year...TO PERM OR NOT TO PERM? :)

but i did get to perm my hair regrets! tho it really requires some maintenance la..u hv to put oil on it,etc etc...but u shud try it if u've never permed it b4..try opting for soft curls lo..very nice :P

im thinking of perming it again this yr..wahahah

joey said...

haha.. tnx for ur opinion. I've made up my mind to perm. What type of perm? I have not decide yet :D