Thursday, October 05, 2006

When Will I See You Again?

Don't know what's wrong with me these few days. Always feeling very exhausted by evening. The haze is worsening.
While I was waiting for my transport, 10 minutes standing outside makes me dizzy already. I feel suffocated. Help!

When will I see blue skies again? I read from the papers that it could get worse in the next few days. Cloud seeding did not work, unfortunately. Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Have to stay indoors to play tang lung. I planned to bring QQ
to the Waterfront for walk tomorrow night but if the haze condition stays.. it's best to stay indoors. Hmmmph! Hmmmmmph!

Pluz..... plzzz..... rain. Or.. wind.. plz blow the haze away.... RayMan have blocked nose cause of the haze :(
I'm totally drained by evening time. I wanna see blue skies again...

How am I gonna survive.. if this goes on... ... ...

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