Saturday, September 23, 2006


TGIF = Thank God It's Friday!!!

In the morning, I was still happily having breakfast with the gang. Fried Bihun + super spicy cili padi. yummy!
Until....the dreaded short meeting at 1145am.

When I saw the espression on TL's face, I think I know that this can't be good news.

"Our plans are cancelled. We would have to reschedule everything."

There, he said it. Gloomy mood started creeping in.
"We didn't even have the chance to propose another plan to them."

This is BAD. This is really really BAD.

"I can see his lips trembling when he talks", one of my team mates commented. I also saw TL's eyes kinda wet. This can't be a good thing. I know this time we have fallen hard.. real hard. How are we gonna rescue ourselves in order to stand up again? We have to re-evaluate our work. None of us have seen TL like this before.

After the short meeting, the espression of his face still haunting most of us. I ate my lunch but I can't really taste the food.

Iveon sent me some "Sugar Sugar" song to cheer me up. It helped abit.. to keep my mind off things.
Bappy, sorry I couldn't bring myself to tell you the whole story again.. I was at the point of going to puke already!

I drown myself with eating mooncakes, playing with my son, watching Friends.
And today.... I'm back to my old self again... so Iveon.. you can expect a 100% butt shaking at belly dancing class today.... hoo yaa... :P


bappy said...

hello hello~! sorry yesterday i didnt know all these :P , just feeling weird suddenly u guys going into the meeting room. oh well time will heal ... cheer up k ! :D

Anonymous said...

yeah.. that sucks.. totally. In my five years working on one project, we had to face this over and over again. I think i'm use to it now that i'm not too bothered anymore. Anyway, cheer up... there's a lot more to life than a lousy project haha. :D

Cloud Strife said...

Feel kinda pissed off when you do put in effort but been bombed and stamped like a ragged doll. Surely you gonna feel like slapping some party with you god damn prick when they are not doing anything to defend you. Anyway, life is full of unexpected surprises.