Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Down With Sickness

Since I came back from KL, I started to get sick. I've been sick for two weeks in a row, going into the third week now.

Headaches, fever, sniffing and coughing most of the time. I remembered that last year I was also sick during these periods of time. Summer Fever?? My fever come and go each day. I do not know how long I would have to
endure this. I just want to be healthy again. But... coughing takes a long time to heal. I'm trying to quicken the process by taking all necessary medicines.. (not overdose of course, I know what I'm doing here)

My waists is slimmer by few centimeters already. I can feel it. I do not have much appetite. Usually I will just down myself with Nestum+Oats drink. That would keep me alive for few hours (just kidding!)

Anyway, I feel very shitty and do not feel like talking or do too much thinking right now. I had skipped my flower arrangements classes because I could not concentrate or have the mood to play with flowers at the moment.

I just hope that I will get well soon. I do not want this to drag on. I also do not want to pass this sickness to my family. I miss my son. Since I'm sick, I wasn't able to bring him home as often as I want. I need express recovery!

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