Thursday, February 17, 2005

Valentine's Day Project - After

I did it !!! Yay! [with the help of QN of course]

Both of us (QN and Me) didn't sleep all night wrapping those roses. Wrapping the 1 stalks was harder than we thought.

At around 5am QN's dad saw us still wrapping those roses. I could see that he's not very happy. I felt a bit guilty that I had dragged his daughter into this situation. Finally around 7:45am we finished wrapping. Both of us were tired as hell. Couldn't talk anymore and drag ourselves upstairs..and dozed off in seconds.

We only had 2 hours sleep then it's out to deliver roses. QN's bro & his friend were kind enough to become our FOC (Free Of Charge) driver for the day. [Thank God for that] Both of us weren't fit to drive.

Both of us were worried that our packaging of roses was not up to our friends' [customers] expectation. But then, after we received a few compliments, we were relieved.

Funny expressions from some of our customers when receiving roses :-

Case No.1 : My colleague's wife
Surprised. Keep saying 'This cannot be...this cannot be...'

Case No.2 : My friend's Mom
Surprised with a funny look on her face [disbelief]. My friend wanted to give her rose on behalf of his father [did that almost every year]. She didn't even want to touch the rose at first, saying 'No, it's not mine. You are lying.'
After we insisted that it's hers, she finally took it saying, 'This must be my son's idea'. QN and I scurried away to avoid anymore questions from her [hehe].

It's a good experience overall but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it again next year because I think it's quite a lot of work [especially the 1 stalks].

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