Monday, January 24, 2005

CNY Blues

Chinese New Year is two weeks away.. (sigh!) I know it's not good to sigh so much because it shortens 3 seconds of my life span.

I felt quite guilty buying myself two tops for CNY that costs RM85 yesterday. With RM85, I could buy lots of CNY foodstuff already. Why do I feel guilty? Must kick myself to forget about this. Must pamper oneself once in awhile.

It's like, there are so many things to buy and $ is not enough.

I did promise myself to look for CNY clothings earlier but then it still come back to a last minute thingy. I made the same resolution again for next year but this time at least I have another friend to remind me.

Then there's house painting, cleaning blah blah blah. Takes up most of my time and energy [took the opportunity to shed off some kilos here. It works! :P]

I will just be celebrating moderately this year. Nothing grand. I've bought some cute outfits for QQ as well.

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